Meet Captain John

Born in Boston, MA, I began fishing for striped bass when I was six years old with my dad. We would spend hours on the beaches of Cape Cod surf casting for cruising stripers. Occasionally, we would go with a friend on his boat and fish Martha's Vineyand and Nantucket waters. I got hooked: excuse the pun, right away. They are strong fighters and beautiful to the eye. Pulling drag after hooking one is something to hear and feel.


In my teens we moved to Connecticut. We continued to fish for stripers in Long Island Sound, Block Island Sound and around Montauk, New York. We kept our boat in Stonington, CT. In my 20's I purchased a 23' Mako center console and began striper bass fishing charters along the Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York shore. The tri-state area came together at Watch Hill, RI.


Saltwater stripers are bigger and stronger than their freshwater brothers, possibly because they are migrating and constantly fighting the strong east coast tides. I am proud to say my biggest striper is 67 pounds caught on live mackerel in Plum Gut in New York waters. The fight was invigorating. My passion for catching stripers never waned.


Then 28 years ago a job brought me to Texas. I  already knew about Lake Texoma because while living in New Jersey I was Director of Marketing for Abu Garcia. And, we prepared many videos and slide shows demonstrating how to fish for stripers in salt and fresh water. I spent many weeks on Lake Texoma with our film team. Lake Texoma has always been considered the best striper bass fishery in the world. The fish spawn naturally here unlike other lakes that are put and take.


Being landlocked, I adopted Lake Texoma almost immediately. The fish were plentiful and strong. And, I was able to downsize my tackle to match the size of the fish. I was a recreational fisherman here for years and then 16 years ago I decided to become a guide. It was the best decision I ever made. Being on the water 12 months a year and most days is a great relief. And, teaching and watching people catch fish is as big a kick as catching them myself...probably even better. I will probably be taking people fishing until I cannot stand anymore, well not quite that long. My biggest fish on Lake Texoma is 27 pounds quite a few years' back. And,  I am still searching for a bigger one.


I am Coast Guard licensed captain, and  a licensed guide in Oklahoma and Texas. I am fully insured and have all safety equipment and electronics. And, I have over 40 years boating experience in rougher water than Lake Texoma.

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