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Lake Texoma.




The Lake Texoma fishing grounds are located on the Texas/Oklahoma border along the Red and Washita Rivers. Lake Texoma is a huge reservoir where the striped bass flourish. Lake Texoma is the perfect habitat for stripers. In fact, one of a handfull of lakes in the United States where stripers are able to repoduce naturally in a completely land locked habitat.

So we hope you will come out for some Lake Texoma fishing with us for an experience of a lifetime.  Whether you're a novice or an experienced angler, you'll enjoy the strength of the stripers and the beauty of Lake Texoma, considered the best striper lake in the world. With over 40 years experience fishing for stripers in both salt and freshwater, Captain John Brett has caught thousands of large stripers including a 67 pounder which in striper terms is an enormous fish.

Captain John provides quality Garcia Ambassadeur fishing tackle. This includes live bait and artificial lures. When you come to fish Lake Texoma, you need NO fishing equipment. We provide all U. S. Coast Guard required equipment including life jackets. You MUST tell us if you are bringing young children. We provide service and instruction to all that are novice fisher people. We are a kid and family friendly Lake Texoma charter service.

Captain John Brett is a licensed U. S. Coast Captain and carries guide licensed from both Texas and Oklahoma. And, when fishing aboard the 26' center console boat with Captain John Brett at the helm, you have a chance at catching numerous stripers, and catching your limit for the day is not an uncommon event. 10 fish per person is the daily limit (you are only allowed 2 fish over 20") and there is a good chance you will catch that many fish.

Lake Texoma Fishing Fun

Lake Texoma offers much to do for visitors including striper fishing which should be on your itinerary as it is an experience you will never forget. Lake Texoma is a striper fishing hot spot that many enthusiastic anglers flock to every year to experience an exciting Lake Texoma fishing charter. Like many others before them, they know this region of Texas offers great striper fishing which can be challenging and exciting day of fishing especially when you hook up to a big one.

Like all top fishing areas, Lake Texoma attracts a special breed of angler that thrives on the excitement and adventure a striper fishing trip offers up. But it is not just the master angler coming here because tourists including families with young children also visit for a Lake Texoma fishing adventure as part of their vacation. You don't have to be a professional angler to enjoy striper fishing in our wonderful lake. Even if you don't have an ounce of fishing experience, you can rest assured your striper Captain, John Brett, will be there to lend a helping hand and provide you with all the coaching help you may need.